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Los Quetzales National Park, Costa Rica: Great For Birding

Los Quetzales National Park, Costa Rica: Great For Birding

Costa Rica's palette of National Parks added several bright colors to the panorama.

Los Quetzales, declared a national park in July, 2005, covers 5,000 hectares that encompass three types of rainforest and 14 ecosystems.

Spread along both sides of the Rio Savegre, which pours into the central-Pacific near Manuel Antonio, Los Quetzales is rich in bird and animal life.

The green and red quetzal, from which the park’s name is derived, is reportedly somewhat less elusive and present in greater numbers than in the cloud forests of Monteverde and Santa Elena to the north.

Also seen here is the colibri, the bird that builds a large cone-style nest. And hummingbirds, of course, darting about all over the place!
Other wildlife includes the puma (seen on Costa Rican currency), sloths and coyotes. More than 116 types of species of mammals can be found in Costa Rica , of which two dozen live only in this secluded area.

The terrain ranges from mountains to lakes of glacial origin, with seven regions that vary significantly by altitude. Streams trickle through the park, on their way to the Rio Savegre (one of Costa Rica’s top river rafting destinations).

Lichen-covered oak trees reach into the sky near stands of the more expected rain forest trees. Exotic flowers and lilies embellish the scenery in every direction you look

Getting to the Park.

Los Quetzales National Park is most conveniently reached from Manuel Antonio, though it takes only two hours more to get there on a day trip from Jaco. Tours should soon be available from the various travel agencies as well as the tour desk in your hotel.

Remember, this is a brand-new park that - after five years in planning and development - has only just opened(2005) and been operational for a year and a half.

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