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Costa Rican Canopy Tours in the Rain Forest
6 Six Years Old Boy on Canopy Tour

Costa Rican Canopy Tours in the Rain Forest

The Original Canopy Tour offers everyone an exhilarating opportunity to soar through the rain forest high above the forest floor. There you will view jungle life from a perspective previously reserved for a select group of researchers and photographers.

Located high up near the peek of Costa Rica's distinguished Monteverde Cloud Forest is where the first The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR was created.

The tour is located in a private reserve behind the Cloud forest Lodge a short drive up the hill behind the Hotel Sapo Dorado few minutes drive from downtown Santa Elena.

The tour starts with a short, guided hike through the private 70-acre reserve of the Cloud Forest. The first part of the tour will take you through primary (old growth) and secondary (new growth) forest. As you fly through the treetops listen closely for the vast variety of birds that can be seen and heard throughout the preserve.

This tour makes for an unbeatable vantage point for observing the surrounding rainforest where bird watching abounds!
Please note that the minimum age in our Costa Rican locations is 5 years old. There is a weight restriction of about 265 pounds although the weight is more a function of body shape than weight itself


This tour lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours depending upon group size and needs. Tours begin at 7:30 am, 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. We can pick you up free of charge from must of the hotels in the Monteverde area.

Mahogany Park.

The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR at Mahogany Park is not only an amazing adventure travel experience but it is one of the most popular ecological tours in Costa Rica. Plus, with its close proximity to San Jose, Jaco Beach and Puntarenas (the West Coast Cruise ship port), The ORIGINAL CANOPY TOUR at Mahogany Park is the perfect location for the traveler who wants to see it all!
Located in a private reserve in a primary jungle of the tropical rainforest, this tour is one of our longest, consisting of 11 platforms from which to "swing", "soar", "fly" and descend and 9 horizontal traverses.

The tour starts on a hilltop where the first platform (or diving board as we call it) is located. From there you slide to the second platform in a giant Espavel tree which is down in a valley ad so doesn’t look that high until you look down! From here you will follow the stream and valley and wind up back on the ground after an invigorating ride. Special to our Mahogany Park location are wildlife sightings including white-faced capuchin and howler monkeys and many varieties of birds!
Please note that the minimum age for this in our Costa Rican locations is 5 years old. The cruise ships will not take anyone under the age of 12 years.

There is a weight restriction of about 265 pounds although the weight is more a function of body shape than weight itself

Original Canopy Tour Drake Bay

This is located in the Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park one of the last large untouched rainforests left in the country. This area is one of the most recently developed zones for tourism in the country. It is more remote than other areas and therefore less tourists are going here. This is what makes it perfect for our type of adventure · less people, therefore more animals. The Osa Peninsula is known for its hiking or trekking through lush tropical rainforests, wild animal and bird viewing, scuba diving (at Caño Island), deep sea fishing and ocean kayaking, all of which can be done here with us at Costa Rica Uncovered.

Tour Details:

The site is located just a short distance from the town of Drake Bay, and is usually accessed by a combination of either horseback or 4x4 and on foot. This tour consists of 9 platforms, 6 traverse cables, one over 100 meters long (300 ft), a 9 meter suspended observation walkway and a 25-meter rappel down to the edge of a stream where wildlife abounds. The platforms vary in height from 10 meters to 33 meters above the forest floor and the tour is built on a high point of land where two rivers join. Usually, where there is water, you will see lots of birds and animals. This is a true rainforest and the canopy level generally has several layers to it, all of which can be seen on the tour.

The tour starts with a climb up a tower to the first platform, a large viewing platform about 12 meters (40 feet) off the ground. The first traverse is a long one, over 70 meters (200 feet) where you will soar above the jungle floor. The next tree has several platforms at different levels and then its off to the third tree with a 9 meter observation walkway stretching between 2 large trees, about 25 meters (85 feet) high. From this vantage point you can normally see lots of birds and some mammals, although everyday is different and sometimes the animals are not too cooperative. From here there are 2 more traverses and then from the last platform there is a 17 meter (60 foot) rappel back down to the ground, beside a beautiful stream.

Pick-ups can be arranged from most lodges in the Drake Bay area at no extra charge, although check with us in advance, as some hotels are quite far from Drake Bay and require an extra fee. This area is very hot and humid and we recommend shorts or long pants and hiking boots and insect repellant. Cameras can be taken, but try to bring along a waterproof bag, in case it starts raining. The tour takes approximately 2 ½ - 3 hours to complete.

The Jinetes de Osa Lodge is rustic and located just outside the town of Drake Bay, which is the town closest to Corcovado National Park . The setting is perfect for those who want to ·get back to nature· and especially for birdwatchers, scuba divers and kayakers . Ask us for more information and prices or reserve one of the overnight or multi-day packages. info@costaricauncovered.com

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