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Costa Rica Fishing License Information
Fishing License is required in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Fishing License Information

A fishing license is required in Costa Rica, and is not typically included in the cost of your boat. After paying over a thousand dollars for a full day of fishing, a few fishermen who don't know this in advance get a bit upset at having to shell out another $24 in cash at the dock.

The license costs $24 and is good for one year. Were it a one-day license, the boat owners would likely be more receptive to including it in the package. However, it makes little sense for them to pay for your license for a full year. Even if they did, most would probably just add it on to the cost of the charter.

Arriving with the knowledge that you'll have to pony up another $24 will get the whole day off to a better start for everyone.

We hear some Quepos captains will show up at the dock before 6 PM, when the staff shows up in the office, thereby getting away without having to pay.)

While they may be successful at this for the time being, it is not recommended. If at some point in time the officials decide to initiate stricter enforcement, you will likely pay much more in fines than you would if you simply bought your license on your first trip here.

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